Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Within the framework of these descriptions, each instructor brings to class their own unique yoga training and point of view. Classroom temperatures, music/silence, pacing, and teaching techniques will vary with each instructor.

All Levels Flow: This is a multi-level class designed to welcome most practitioners. This class is a journey – creating a fluid asana experience from opening to closing. Arm balances and inversions are taught at an approachable pace with instruction and modifications. Physically challenging, yet accessible, All Levels Flow builds strength and suppleness, and students tap into yoga’s transformational power. Optimal for those with knowledge of the basics of yoga. Some all-level classes include meditation.

Flow Level 1/2: Establish a solid foundation for your yoga practice in this class. Foundations of Flow focuses on the primary asanas of hatha yoga, and builds from the framework of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). Learn the components of breath work, the common transitions of vinyasa flow yoga, and how and when to modify your practice. Appropriate for all levels, those new to yoga will find its pace and instruction friendly and accessible. This class will enable you to practice intelligently, and to improve your overall health.

Flow Level 2/3: This dynamic class challenges your foundational practice with more complexity in pose options and transitions. Level 2/3 incorporates stamina and strength work and often includes arm balances, inversions, backbends, and plenty of sweat. This class is appropriate for those with a solid flow yoga practice, and intermediate practitioners. Teachers will instruct and guide you with great care.

Prenatal Yoga: Prenatal Yoga is designed to alleviate the common aches, pains and conditions associated with pregnancy. In addition, this class helps build the strength, stamina, and mental clarity needed for childbirth. It’s a fun way to experience extreme self-care while bonding with a community of other expectant mothers.

Restore and Release: Restorative yoga gives you a chance to slow down, feel your breath and open your body, returning to your calm, centered Self. This gentle yoga allows you to open the body with the support of props, and poses are held longer to allow for more opening and an opportunity to tune into the breath and release stress. This class will calm the central nervous system and promote healing for the body. Class is for all levels. Please dress in layers to keep yourself at a comfortable temperature.

Sunrise Yoga: Sunrise Flow is a class designed to welcome most practitioners. This level 2 class is sequenced to address tight morning muscles and joints, and to build energy and focus for the day to come. Arm balances, inversions and backbends are taught at an approachable pace with plenty of instruction and modifications.

Yin Yoga: Explore your inner landscape with Yin Yoga, a practice grounded in Chinese medicine and the energy meridian system. Yin yoga emphasizes breath work, slower rhythms, mostly seated postures, longer holds and deep release. Relieve your aching back, tight hips, and other urban conditions, in this mindful, meditative class.

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