Melissa Hanna


A Bay Area native, Melissa was a member at a large gym, running on treadmills and climbing stair machines, when she noticed the serene expressions on the faces of people exiting the yoga classes. She decided she wanted to wear that look on her face so she summoned the courage to open the door and lay out a mat one day. That day forever changed her life and her path. She quit the gym and joined the Just Be Yoga community as a student. As she deepened her practice and her ties to the community grew, her path led her to Just Be Yoga’s 200-hour teacher certification program, completing her certification in December 2014. In 2016, she completed an apprenticeship with Dana Damara, which has allowed her to become one of the trainers for Embody Truth 200-Hour Teacher Training.

Melissa has a special love and intuition for providing hands-on assists in class. Whether it is to help a student find a pose, deepen a pose, or just spread some love, assisting brings her as much joy as practicing and teaching.

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