Jenn Lagorio

Animal pro. Mom extraordinaire. Lover of sirsasana.

Jenn first discovered yoga at the age of 18, and got serious about her practice after the birth of her first child, when she discovered a flow class at a new studio in town. She has never turned back since, finding herself in a headstand the day before her second child was born. Her goal in teaching is to help others get to know themselves by turning inward and experiencing the calm that she has found. A die-hard animal lover and vet tech, Jenn holds a day job as the Hospital Manager at Blackhawk Veterinarian Hospital, and spends her free time supporting her two young children in their sports activities and competition dance events.

“My life changed from ‘existing in negative space’ to ‘flourishing in a positive, compassionate, and loving place. Now, as a yoga teacher, one of my desires is for my students to experience the feeling of a positive, loving space created especially for them.”

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