Debbie Natsch

Soulful yogini. Unstoppable athlete.

Debbie began practicing yoga earnestly in 2006. She has always loved being active and physically challenged and grew up playing soccer, softball and dancing. After more than 30 years on the soccer field, her body was aching and felt incredibly beat-up and she began to wonder how much longer she could continue playing. It was then that she found herself in a live yoga class, and knew that yoga was the solution she was looking for. She felt amazing after class – less stressed, more peaceful, more aware. Yoga loosened up her tight muscles, strengthened her core, and added muscles she never dreamed she would have. Most importantly, yoga enabled her body to move more freely. This translated into more soccer, feeling better than ever! Wanting to give others a taste of this feeling, Debbie deepened her practice and knowledge of yoga, earning her teaching certificate through the 200-hour Dragonfly Yoga + Wellness 200-hour Teacher Training program.

“My goal is for classes to be athletic, yet fluid and accessible. I firmly believe what you learn about yourself on the mat is amplified off into the world, benefiting not only you, but those around you. Yoga has provided me with the ability to be more firmly planted in the present, and has helped me find that necessary balance between family, work, volunteer time and time for self.”

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